Top Oil Producers in Texas are in Eagle Ford Shale

Data from the Texas Railroad Commission for this summer is in, and it shows that the three top producers of crude oil in Texas are all in South Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale.

Karnes, La Salle, and Gonzales counties are the top three producers:

  • Karnes County produced 4.53 million barrels of oil in July
  • La Salle County produced 3.23 million barrels
  • Gonzales County produced 2.56 million barrels

While this level of drilling activity and production is beneficial to the economies of these counties, there are negative side effects to this boom as well.  In order to support oil and gas production, companies utilize huge trucks to transport oil and gas.  This means that small town roads that were not constructed to handle the weight of such massive vehicles are being forced to do so anyway, and are crumbling under the weight.

Crumbling roads, increased traffic, and overworked and tired drivers behind the wheels of massive vehicles all add up to more serious and frequent motor vehicle accidents.

Are you a resident of the Eagle Ford Shale area?  Have you experienced crumbling roads and worse drivers on the road?  The drivers of these massive trucks and oil tankers are often exhausted from long hours, and are not able to maintain the focus necessary to drive safely on the roads, putting innocent residents at risk.

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