Scientists Suggest Fracking Contributing to Earthquakes

A new study published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters hypothesizes that the increasing number of small earth quakes taking place in the Eagle Ford Shale may be the result of the high rate of fracking in the area.

How do scientists think fracking contributes?  Over 600,000 barrels of oil are extracted from the ground every day.  In addition, a significant amount of water is being removed and injected into the ground every day as well.  When the ground and underlying rock and structures are disturbed, they shift and settle.  Scientists believe that it is this shifting and settling that is contributed to the increasing number of earthquakes in the area.  They also predict that the entire area may sink lower over an extended period of time.

Other studies show that wastewater injection wells are also contributing to the number of earthquakes, but the problem seems to be complex and multi-faceted.  Instead of thinking of these as causes, scientists point out that it is more accurate to think of them as contributing factors.  Click here to read more about the environmental impact of the Eagle Ford Shale.

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