Negligence commonly plays a role in oil field accidents.  When an employer, manager, director, or captain fails to act in a way that has been established to prevent risk, his actions may be considered negligent.

In addition to making sure that safety features on equipment are functioning properly, and that rigs and platforms are stable, employers and other responsible parties must supervise projects properly, provide complete instructions, and make sure that all employees are trained to perform their tasks with the importance of safety in mind.

Safety features have come a long way, but with more and more aggressive oil exploration and production, such as in Texas’s Eagle Ford Shale, accidents still do occur, and often result in injuries such as burns, fractures, brain damage, and spinal cord injury.

Negligence can take a number of different forms.  Retaining an experienced, compassionate, and aggressive oil field attorney is the first step in determining what the exact cause of your accident was.  There are a number of parties that may potentially be held responsible for your injuries, including co-employees, employers, and independent contractors.  Our attorneys have the resources to get to the bottom or your accident so that you can begin the process of recovery.  Contact us today.