On the Job Injuries

There is so much oil and gas to be explored and produced in the Eagle Ford Shale that oil companies can barely move fast enough.  Unfortunately, the work required to extract and transport the oil is not easy or risk-free.  Oil companies are pushing as aggressively as possible to extract as much as possible, but when this happens, safety can often take a back seat.

The injuries that result can be serious, and workers in the oil field are the ones that suffer the most.  Operating oil wells, derricks, and complicated drilling equipment poses great risk even when safety is put first.  When safety lags, these tasks become even more dangerous.

Workers may suffer:

  • Burns or smoke inhalation injuries from fires or explosions
  • Crush injuries or traumatic brain injuries from falling objects
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals, leading to long-term health risks
  • Eye injuries from lack of proper safety equipment

Have you been injured on the job?  If so, contact our oil field injury attorneys.  We can get you the answers you need and help you get on the road to recovery.