Eagle Ford Shale

The Eagle Ford Shale is a rock formation underlying a large part of South Texas. As oil companies have been exploring and producing oil and gas from this region, it has had a huge impact on Texas’s economy. Over 227 oil rigs are now functional in the Eagle Ford Shale area, supporting over 100,000 jobs in the area. Thirty billion dollars will be spent on development this year alone, and in 2012, the South Texas economy saw a $60 billion impact from the industry. Though the thriving economy has been a welcome effect of the oil boom, it has not come without its problems. On the job injuries, a huge uptick in motor vehicle accidents, and negative environmental impacts have all been part of the price that South Texas residents have had to pay for the Eagle Ford Shale oil boom.  We invite you to learn more by browsing our content.

On the Job Injuries

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Environmental Impact

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If you have been injured in an any type of accident, an Eagle Ford Shale lawyer can help.  Accidents that result in personal injuries can impact every aspect of your life: from your ability to work and support yourself and your loved ones, to your ability to enjoy your life.  You deserve compensation for your injuries so that you can begin to piece your life back together.  Contact us today for a free consultation.