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From Pennsylvania to Wyoming to Texas, there has been a massive energy boom in the United States.  Through the process of hydraulic fracturing, energy companies are taking advantage of the oil and natural gas in our country.

There have been a great many positive aspects to this booming industry, from increased energy independence to massive job creation.  However, not every aspect of it has been positive.

Oil Field Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries

Despite great strides in technology, serious oil field accidents still occur.  Oil field workers work in dangerous, volatile situations with complicated equipment, and their safety can never be 100% safeguarded.  And if employers take shortcuts when it comes to safety, employee well-being on the job is even more compromised.

Oil field workers may suffer head, neck, and spinal cord injuries in addition to fractures and crush injuries.  Well blowouts and explosions can throw a worker a great distance, making injuries even more serious.

Motor Vehicle Accidents on the Rise

Workers are not the only ones that are affected by the fracking boom.  Construction vehicles and traffic are overwhelming the infrastructures of these small towns, and as a result, motor vehicle accidents of all kinds have risen exponentially.  Because these accidents almost always involve small passenger cars and large construction or oil transportation vehicles, the consequences are severe with regard to both property damage and personal injury.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of fracking is a controversial topic.  While many argue that this technology has no negative impacts whatsoever, the residents of the towns in which drilling is taking place often face a different reality.  Air and water pollution can be a real threat, but residents often have nowhere to turn for help.

The Oil Field Accident Attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP Can Help

If you are an oil field worker who has been injured on the job, or if you have been injured in a car or truck accident, our attorneys are here to help.  Our attorneys can provide you with the immediate answers that you need, and can help you figure out the best way to proceed.  You do not have to suffer through this time alone.  With an experienced, aggressive attorney on your side, you may recover the most complete compensation possible, enabling you and your loved ones a full recovery.  Contact us today for a free case review.